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Step up. Speak out. Sustain our democracy.

At Seattle Supports Democracy, we’re a group of private citizens who are focused on upholding our democratic norms. Our three main areas of focus are: democracy reform, anti-racism, and sedition accountability. Creative, timely, and joyful mobilization is central to our beliefs.

Our first big project was helping gather and motivate local people to write letters to voters as part of the 2020 election's Big Send effort. On Nov. 11th, 2021, we held the Freedom to Vote Rally in downtown Seattle in support of federal protections for fair elections. We continued these efforts with several online events hosted with co-sponsors Fix Democracy First and the League of Women Voters: an Action Hour for Voting Rights event on Dec. 9th, 2021, and a Virtual Vigil and Pro-Democracy Action event on Jan. 6th, 2022 (the latter attended by more than 800 people!). 

Weekly Action Hours will resume in May. We are also working on a campaign to hold Boeing accountable for continuing to fund the seditionist Members of Congress. Join us!



Last updated 4/18/22

Boeing PAC Opposition Group

In the last months Seattle Supports Democracy has teamed up with Fix Democracy First to hold Boeing accountable to their pledge of Jan 13th, 2021 that they would stop donations to the sedition caucus. Since then however they have been one of the biggest donors to this group, giving $244,000. On April 17th the Boeing Directors received by registered mail our request, copied below.

This is a multi-prong effort, which you can be a part of in the next couple weeks.  

- write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper asking that Boeing stop financing members of congress who work to overturn the people's election outcome. We have tips, please contact us if you'd like help,

- Sign the petition as an individual, then share with your network

- Endorse this request as an organization that demands democracy

Boeing, Stop Funding Those Who Undermine Democracy

To: Mr. David Joyce

From: Fix Democracy First, Seattle Supports Democracy 

Re: Boeing’s continued funding of seditionist Members of Congress

April 11th, 2022

Dear Director Joyce, 

We are a coalition of pro-democracy organizations calling upon the Boeing Company to keep your pledge and stop funding anti-democratic members of Congress. On January 13, 2021, Boeing joined other corporations in halting all donations to Members of Congress who voted to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election. Your statement read in part, “We are not making political contributions at this time. We will continue to carefully evaluate future contributions to ensure that we support those who not only support our company, but also uphold our country’s most fundamental principles.”  Most companies kept their post-January 6 pledges (including big names like Allstate, American Express, Nike, Walgreens, and 79 othermajor corporations) Boeing didn’t.

Since January 6, Boeing’s Political Action Committee (PAC) has donated a combined $223,000 to those very same Members of Congress.

Boeing states that your company values include “integrity,” “transparency,” and “being held accountable.” Your actions in this instance violate all of those principles, and if not corrected will lead to a continued erosion of trust and support among your employees, customers, shareholders, and the public. 

We call on Boeing to honor your promise and demonstrate commitment to your stated values by immediately and permanently withdrawing any funding to the “Sedition Caucus” no later than April 29, 2022.  Please notify us by posting your action in the Boeing Media room, in similar fashion to your statement of January 13th. 

We are a growing movement of non-partisan organizations and individuals dedicated to standing up for the American ideals of democracy and self-determination. Since launching our campaign, we have gotten support from dozens of organizations across the country demanding you keep your pledge and support only those elected representatives who will uphold our country's fundamental principles.

By doing so, Boeing will be aligned with the values of your American workers, your customers, and the democratic system that governs these United States. 

We appreciate that you have, in the recent past, been able to quickly and publicly adjust your corporate policies in response to public threats to our democracy.  We now ask you to respond in a similar manner, now that we see these members of Congress are invested in a long-term campaign to weaken our democracy. If Boeing does not reverse course, we will continue to focus attention on this issue. 


Fix Democracy First, co-sponsor <

Seattle Supports Democracy, co-sponsor <

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Last Updated 4/18/22

1. Contact our leaders with the message: Fight to protect voting rights and hold those responsible for the January 6th Insurrection accountable (including former president Trump!).

Attorney General Merrick Garland

P: 202-514-2000, option 4

Email: webform

Tweet: @TheJusticeDept

Senator Cantwell

P: (206) 220-6400; (202) 224-3441 


Tweet: @SenatorCantwell

Senator Murray

P: (206) 553-5545; (202) 224-2621


Tweet: @PattyMurray

Senator Schumer

P: (202) 224-6542

Tweet: @SenSchumer

President Biden

P: (202) 456-1111 

Tweet: @POTUS

2. In 75% of the elections across the country, the Republican candidate runs unopposed. As we've seen in the battle over voting rights, many of these offices can prove pivotal in upholding democratic norms. Volunteer with Contest Every Race to help recruit progressive candidates to run. 

3. Do you consume a hot beverage in the morning? Use the simple tool to make a better world while your drink brews. Easy.

4. Texting voters and volunteers is a powerful way to activate people in key states and races. The national group Movement Labs can get you set up to text from the comfort of your home and make a difference in as little as 30 minutes a day or a couple hours a week.

5. When people are invited to vote, they are much more likely to! Write letters of encouragement with, and better yet gather with friends and neighbors to support the vote together!

High Fives


There is power in numbers. We are a group of private individuals who are concerned that America is at risk of losing our democratic tradition and structure right now.

Many of our neighbors, friends and family have shared their worry about the election, and at the same time have said they weren't sure what actions to take, or overwhelm with the number of organizations to follow.

We are addressing this by sharing actions each of us can do every day to strengthen and maintain our democracy. These actions are a combination of our own initiatives and those of other organizations.


There are several roles you can play in standing up for democracy. You can:

  • Do these actions yourself and invite a friend! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

  • You could also share in your larger groups inviting others to join in -- think of your social media groups, alumni association, clubs, and workplace.

  • Additionally, you could organize action campaigns; please contact us if you'd like to organize!

People with many diverse skills are needed in these efforts. If you'd like to go beyond these actions. please reach out to us at

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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